Based on StatCounter's latest data, Google Chrome has skipped by Apple Safari in usage, becoming the third most popular browser in the United States. After recording 874 million page views in the US during the week of June 21 to June 27, the firm determined that Chrome represents 8.97% of the market, leaving Safari to claim a lesser 8.88%. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer remained dominate at 52% and Firefox held 28.5%.

Globally, Chrome has long surpassed by Safari in usage share, so this shouldn't come has a great shock. StatCounter logged some 3.6 billion page views worldwide, showing Chrome has nearly twice the following with 9.4% versus 4% for Safari. Again, IE and Firefox occupied much of remaining market at 53% and 31%, respectively.

Today's news is both impressive and ironic. Not only has Chrome seized nearly 10% of the US market in under two years, its success is thanks in part to WebKit, the same engine open-sourced by Apple, who uses it in both desktop and mobile versions of Safari.