Sounds like a very impressive and exciting piece of technology, even more when you consider there are moving parts inside the card (read below), perhaps this has a lot to do with the relatively low price (I suppose $15 = 100mb card).

The article also details comments on high durability and even flexibility of the card, access speeds remain to be seen, too.

Created by a company with the same name, StorCard can contain from 100MB to more than 5GB of data on a plastic card. At first glance, it looks like a credit card, and even has a magnetic strip like a credit card, for potential use in standard credit card readers.

The hard disk data, however, is accessed on a tiny spinning disk inside the thin card. A spinning wheel made of Mylar is engaged when the card is inserted into a StorReader, a USB-connected drive or PC Card that reads and writes to the StorCard. The reader is expected to retail for under $100 and the cards for under $15 each, Heil says.