[Weekend Open Forum] Being the tech-savvy guys in our families, we're always willing to give a helping hand when needed – that is until you find yourself constantly spending weekends or spare time away from doing computer-related work as part of your job to, well, do more computer-related work only for free. They know you're the expert and they need help, so it's only natural that they'll pick up the phone hoping for a quick and easy solution to their woes.

Best case scenario, pointing them to that magical Google search box and asking them to input a few relevant words will do. Often you might wind up explaining mom how a certain program works (one that you'd never used before), or worse, reformatting your sister's computer and loading it with all the essential software, hoping that she'll have a good six-month run before slowing it down to a crawl with every malware and bloatware out there. Whether you find it frustrating or not, they'll lean on you for help, and more often than not, it'll feel like you have very little choice in the matter.

Our question for you today: Do you mind providing technical support to your family and friends in your spare time? Or is your love for tinkering and troubleshooting so big that being the go-to guy for your relatives' tech problems doesn't feel like work after work? Bonus points for sharing funny tech support stories.