Dragon Age II: No overhead view on PC, no toolset, audience is on consoles As many feared Dragon Age II is changing from a PC franchise to a console one, and with it are coming some big changes that are going to upset PC gamers. French Magazine Joystick (Sept. issue) interviewed Mike Laidlaw - lead designer on DAO II. In it Mike reveals that DAO II was made thinking of console users first... Galaxy Next Door -- Update: Reply and clarification by Laidlaw himself (Thank you princeton).

TorrentReactor buys and renames Russian town TorrentReactor, listed among the five most popular torrent sites on the Internet, has surprised friends and foes by acquiring a small town in central Russia. The town formerly known as Gar has reportedly been bought for the equivalent of $148,000 and was quickly renamed after the Russian-based torrent site. TorrentFreak

Big Macs on campus In five years, Apple has switched places with Dell as the student laptop of choice. 70% of incoming University freshman students are coming with Macs, which is up 10%-15% y-y. Sounds good for Apple, right? It also sounds too good to be true, given that only five years ago Apple's share of the campus laptop market had dwindled to the low teens. Fortune

Mozilla to bring auto-updating to Firefox In a little-discussed move, Mozilla is adopting automatic updating for the upcoming Firefox 4 browser. "For Firefox 4, minor updates will occur automatically," said Alex Faaborg, a principal designer on Firefox, in a Firefox developer forum discussion. "We'll only be using the major update dialog box for changes like 4 to 4.5 or 5." InfoWorld

3D at the box office: Down, down, down No matter how it's spun, the data on the expected 3D explosion just isn't going in the right direction. After nearly 80 percent of those who saw "Avatar" saw it in 3D, it was assumed that the format would quickly overtake theatrical distribution. But 3D's box-office trajectory has been pointing downward almost ever since... The Wrap

AT&T hints end of "Exclusivity Agreements" in SEC filing For the first time in a quarterly SEC filing, AT&T has made direct mention of the impact that the loss of certain "exclusivity agreements" could have on the company: In this case, none. PC Magazine

NFL in discussions about using chip-in-ball technology The National Football League (NFL) are in discussions about employing chip-in-ball technology to help rule on contentious touchdown and first down calls, German manufacturer Cairos Technologies has told Reuters. Reuters

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