During the weekend I was able to attend a few pending matters on the development side of things, one in particular that will become evident to you is the implementation of the ubiquitous Facebook 'Like' button in certain sections of the site. Hopefully we've done so in a way that doesn't feel intrusive and that makes sense to you whether you want to share a news story with your friends or simply because you want to express your approval toward a certain topic or product. I'm often the first to ignore this kind of thing, and thus the reason we haven't gone beyond the usage of our subtle share button until now, and yet I couldn't resist 'liking' a TV show I love, my alma mater's football team or one of my favorite tennis players.

Long story short, if you are a Facebook user, you will find the Like buttons handy at the end of our news stories and reviews. We also have a Facebook group that we'd like to have you joining. In fact, we are going to throw a little incentive (free netbook, anyone?) if you like us on Facebook and then post a message in this forum thread to confirm you want to take part in the giveaway.

As mentioned last week, we successfully launched The Tech Exchange, our brand new Buy/Sell/Trade forum section that is limited to TechSpot regulars only. Those of you who can participate will be rewarded with another giveaway, in this case a MSI X-Slim X340 laptop.

Before wrapping up I also wanted to mention a review in particular that is still in the works. For the past few weeks Shawn has been testing three gaming desktop PCs in the $2,000 price range. Acer's latest Predator system will go against two equally powerful solutions from boutique manufacturers Puget and Maingear. We are pretty enthused about this review as we expect to produce more content related to complete systems in the near future.

Off-topic #1: Football fans, Madden 11 is almost here.
Off-topic #2: Any UFC fans out there? I've come and go as the fights got boring at some point for me. However, I've been watching the last few events and more often than not it's the less prominent fights that I find overly entertaining.