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+1 for me, my friends will deal with my techspot updates rather they like it or not. A netbook would be nice.


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i'll throw my hat in the ring. HP 705us gettin a little long in the tooth. 1 GHz + 352MB ram getting a little tough to deal with even just surfin.


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I'm a liker too!

Hey - speaking of reviews, not that I'd like a personal review or anything (wink, wink...), but I don't think you guys have done any case reviews/comparisons. I'm doing a new build in the next month and spotted this new case by NZXT - the "Phantom." If you guys could get your hands on one, would be great to see a review on it. :)


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Yes, I "Like" I think I was the 2nd person to Hit "like" this morning then I came back and read I need to post here saying id "like" it haha thats funny.


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hello ...

already check the forums, liked the FB & will try to find something for sale ...

i'm in ;)



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Ok, so I already like TechSpot, but now since I've "liked" you on Facecrack, I guess it's official?

Anywho, throwing my hat into the ring too. I can always find something to do with a netbook.


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UFC, I like the a new guy Big Country Roy. Even when he lost in 117 it was entertaining.
I do agree the fights that lead up to the main fight are usually more entertaining to me as well. Thanks TS