Still praying for the resuscitation of Duke Nukem Forever? Your wish may just come true if a new rumor propagated by Kotaku holds up. Secret sources have told the site that DNF is currently in development over at Gearbox Software – the folks who brought you Borderlands, Brothers in Arms and various Half-Life expansions.

The studio is said to have picked up straight where 3D Realms left off, and the title will supposedly launch under Gearbox's name. This is very hard to believe, especially if you've long accepted DNF's demise, but it's worth noting that Gearbox also worked on Duke Begins, the Duke Nukem prequel that was axed, or delayed indefinitely.

Even more interestingly, one source claims that a playable demo of DNF is due later this year. Gearbox president Randy Pitchford declined to comment on the rumor, but said he might share more information during next month's Penny Arcade Expo. George Broussard, 3D Realms' founder, didn't respond to Kotaku's requests for comment.