Garmin is voluntarily recalling some 1.25 million of its GPS devices following reports of overheating batteries. The company says that a battery manufactured by a specific supplier within a limited timeframe may overheat and possibly lead to a fire hazard. That risk is apparently increased with a certain PCB design. Vague enough for you?

There have been less than 10 reported instances of devices overheating and there haven't been any injuries or significant property damage. Nonetheless, Garmin has decided to play it safe and is advising anyone with an affected GPS to stop using it and send it in for repair or replacement.

The recall includes five Nuvi models: the 200W, 250W, 260W, 7xx, and 7xxT (the xx represents a two-digit number). You can find your model number on the back or bottom of the GPS, or you can enter your serial number here to determine whether your product is affected.