Reassessing the PC market's performance, Gartner has released an updated 2010 forecast that is lower than previously expected. The research house predicts that PC shipments will grow by 15.3%, which is 2% less than earlier estimates. "There is no doubt that consumer, if not business PC demand has slowed relative to expectations in mature markets," the firm said.

Consumers kept the market afloat in 2009, and the same is true for 2010. However, economic woes in Europe have made PC suppliers cautious this year, and apparently that fear itself is partly to blame for the decreased shipment estimation. "Suppliers' risk-aversion is as much a factor in these shifts as any actual downshift in demand." Demand will remain high as consumers now view the PC as a necessity rather than a luxury.

Meanwhile, in a separate report, Gartner has raised its semiconductor revenue forecast for 2010. Revenue is expected to reach $300 billion, a 31.5% increase from 2009. That's up from the researcher's previous estimate of 27.1% growth on-year.