Interbrand, a brand consultancy company, has released its 11th annual ranking of the "Best Global Brands." The top three brands, in order, are Coca-Cola, IBM, and Microsoft. In the top 10, Google gained the most in terms of brand value while Nokia lost the most. For the 11th year in a row, Coca-Cola retained its top spot as the number one ranked brand on the list.

None of the top three companies changed their ranks from last year. Google, however, jumped from seventh to fourth place, stealing it from GE, which is now in fifth. McDonald's this year stayed in sixth place, like last year. Intel, meanwhile, jumped to seventh place from ninth. The Finnish Nokia, the only non-US company in the top 10, fell from fifth to eight place. Disney moved up from tenth to ninth place and HP also gained one rank, moving in to the top 10 for the first time. If you followed that closely, the top 10 list should not surprise you:

Rank Brand Sector Value (millions)
1 Coca-Cola Beverages $70,452
2 IBM Business Services $64,727
3 Microsoft Computer Software $60,895
4 Google Internet Services $43,557
5 GE Diversified $42,808
6 McDonald's Restaurants $33,578
7 Intel Electronics $32,015
8 Nokia Electronics $29,495
9 Disney Media $28,731
10 HP Electronics $26,867

The ranking lists the top 100 brands based on a unique methodology that analyzes the many ways a brand touches and benefits an organization; a brand's value is determined by the financial performance of the branded products or services, the role of brand in the purchase decision process, and the strength of the brand to continue to secure earnings for the company. You can see the full list of 100 companies over at Interbrand.