Roccat has released the successor to its well-received "Kone" gaming mouse -- one of the top performers in our recent enthusiast mouse roundup. The Hamburg-based peripheral maker says its new "Kone[+]" incorporates design elements influenced directly by the gaming community's feedback. The device has a 6000dpi Pro-Aim Laser Sensor R2 which has a built-in TDCU (Tracking & Distance Control Unit) that lets it calibrate to suit your particular mousepad.

Roccat's Kone[+] has the usual touches like on-the-fly DPI switching and showy lights, but it takes things to the next level. It has an integrated sound feedback system that audibly tells you when settings like DPI, sensitivity or volume are changed. Specific predetermined DPI settings can be loaded with a new EasyAim button. Instead of one light color, the Kone[+] has four multicolor LEDs that can alternate or pulsate. There's also four removable 5g weights.

The device's software offers macro presets for 20 of today's top PC games along with various office applications, and a new function lets you loop macros indefinitely. It also features Roccat's new "EasyShift[+]" technology, which acts similar to shift on a keyboard. You can assign two actions to each button for a maximum of 22 functions. Profiles settings are saved on the mouse's onboard memory and automatically loaded when game or program is launched.

If you just want the hard numbers, the Kone[+]'s DPI can be configured in steps of 100DPI, it has 576KB of built-in memory for five game profiles, a 1000Hz polling rate, a 10.5-megapixel resolution, 30Gs of acceleration, speeds of up to 200ips (5.08m/s), a 16-bit data channel, a 72MHz TurboCore processor, and a 2m USB cable. It's currently available with an MSRP of €79.99 -- on par with Logitech's $99 G700 gaming mouse, which we're in the middle of reviewing.