Let's formally welcome Emil Protalinski and Mike Fischer to our editorial team. Emil is a seasoned news writer with hundreds of articles published on fellow websites Ars Technica and Neowin, while Mike is a long time TechSpot reader, community and Steam group member. As you have likely noticed both have already been posting news stories live over the past two weeks and doing a great job at it. In addition, we recently hired a web designer who will initially be helping us revamp certain elements and functionalities that are showing its age from our last redesign, but soon enough we will be moving into improving overall usability across the site.

We are very excited about the prospect of a revamped TechSpot homepage that will function better and thanks to the editorial additions will also be more up-to-date than ever before.

Speaking of which, when we say the site is growing we really mean it. Check out TechSpot's 2010 soccer team official photo below. You can see myself and Jose there along with a bunch of our high school friends who are part of the team. We are currently playing a tournament and so far we've won two games and lost one, with three more to go in the round robin stage.

Earlier this month we also announced winners to our August giveaways who were promptly announced on its respective discussion threads, but we didn't have the opportunity to mention them here until now. Congratulations Leeky who took home a MSI X-Slim X340 laptop for participating in our Tech Exchange trading forum and to Issun who won our Facebook group giveaway. Next up, our October giveaway that will be announced soon.