We're all patiently awaiting the rumored mid-October debut of AMD's next-generation graphics products, but according to DigiTimes, the cards have been pushed back by about a month. Citing anonymous sources in the GPU industry, the site claims AMD has postponed the Radeon HD 6000 series launch to an unknown date in November.

A reason for the delay wasn't mentioned in the report, but it was noted that Nivida has decided to capitalize on the decision by preparing new entry-level cards (the GeForce GT 430, namely) for October. That will reportedly prompt price reductions for the GT 220 and GTX 460 768MB -- the latter of which is already a steal at $170.

Neither GPU manufacturer would comment on their respective launch plans, but with all the leaked benchmarks and specifications, you can rest assured that the Radeon HD 6000 series is close, very close. Whether it will bring any significant performance increase over the existing Radeon HD 5000 line remains to be seen, however.