Rumor: AMD delays Radeon HD 6000 series until November

By Matthew
Sep 28, 2010
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  1. We're all patiently awaiting the rumored mid-October debut of AMD's next-generation graphics products, but according to DigiTimes, the cards have been pushed back by about a month. Citing anonymous sources in the GPU industry, the site claims AMD has postponed the Radeon HD 6000 series launch to an unknown date in November.

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  2. Boy am I glad I bought a 5850 back in October last year. None of these cards look like worthy upgrades. Im going to get around 2 good years out of the 5850 without needing an upgrade! Reminds me of my old 8800GTX that even till this day is still vaguely respectable.
    Bring on the 7 series (and bulldozer) AMD!
  3. you should realize that the 67xx is supposed to be aimed at the 57xx right? the 68xx wont come out till q1 2011. so logically the 5850 -->67xx would not be a upgrade you should be waiting to see what the 68xx series looks like fyi

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