Hulu, the $9.99-per-month service that features on-demand movies and TV shows, is about to get cheaper and easier to bring to the big screen. Roku and TiVo Premiere are both getting Hulu Plus. Timing is still undisclosed for both: all we know is the former is set for "this fall" and the latter will arrive "in the coming months." Whichever you end up choosing, it looks like your cable subscription will likely suffer.

Hulu Plus will be supported on Roku's trio of set-top boxes, ranging from $59 to $99, and there is no extra fee beyond the standard subscription charge. "We are excited to bring Hulu Plus to all Roku users," Pete Distad, VP of Content Distribution for Hulu, said in a statement. "With Hulu Plus on Roku, TV fans will have an easy way to stream to their TVs the shows they love, whenever they want."

Hulu Plus will be supported on TiVo Premiere in the same way: subscribers who pay $9.99 a month for the service can add it to their TiVo Premiere box without any extra fees. The difference is that users will still have to pay for their TiVo Service subscription to access Hulu Plus on TiVo Premiere DVRs. "We are laser focused on helping people find and enjoy the world's premium video content when, where and how they want it," Distad said in another statement. "Our goal for Hulu Plus is to provide as much consumer choice as possible, and Hulu Plus on TiVo's Premiere DVR offering is a compelling way for us to drive our mission forward."