A very premature approach if you ask me, Extremetech is reporting that Sony has planned to phase out 17" and 19" CRT monitors as soon as this March.

To tell you the truth I wouldn't mind switching to a flat LCD monitor if it wouldn't be for the higher cost (computer parts here are considerable more expensive than in the US, BTW), it's interesting however how one of the big boys is completely ditchings mainstream CRTs, now, their forecasts for LCD sales must be on the optimum side, I guess...

Sony has also decided to phase out its 17-inch and 19-inch tube business, meaning OEM-branded Trinitron monitors in those categories will also cease production. Rival NEC-Mitusbishi said it had no plans to phase out any CRT products, however.

Sony's decision came as no surprise to those who have closely watched monitor manufacturers slowly shift away from cathode-ray tube (CRT) production to manufacturing LCDs. Sharp, Matsushita, and Hitachi all have pulled out of the CRT tube business, and their display divisions have either purchased tubes from companies like Toshiba or exited the CRT monitor business altogether in favor of LCDs, analysts said. At Sony, production of tubes and CRT displays themselves "pretty much go hand in hand," a company spokesman said.