Blizzard Entertainment fans can rejoice as a release date has been set for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the third expansion for their hugely-popular MMO. Set for a December 7th launch, the game will feature two new races, goblins for the Horde and worgen for the Alliance, as well as a revamped world of Azeroth with new leveling paths and a new level cap of 85. While currently still in beta testing, events designed to introduce the upcoming storyline are expected to go live within the next week or two. A Collector's Edition box containing bonus items and an in-game mini-pet will retail for $79.99, with the standard release at a more manageable $39.99.

On the other side of the MMO world, Sony Online Entertainment's widely-anticipated DC Universe Online won't be competing with Cataclysm for the pre-holiday spotlight. Originally slated for November, its release date has been delayed until early 2011. Sony attributed the change to needing more time to respond to community feedback and refine the MMO, which is about to head into external beta testing. Considering that comic fandom can be notoriously picky, this seems like a wise move to keep the community happy with the finished product. And as a consolation prize for those who pre-ordered early, Sony is promising beta access by the end of November.