With Windows Phone 7 officially announced now, Microsoft is starting to push its marketing campaign forward. Two early versions of the ads leaked last month (we thought they were a refreshing take on the world's obsession with mobile) but now the official ones are out, and we're curious about what you think.

The first one is completely new, while the second one seems to be a slightly modified version of one of the leaked ones. We've embedded them below:

The message seems to be that users have their faces glued to their current smartphones and Windows Phone 7 will save us from this phenomenon. The implication is that Microsoft's latest mobile OS is designed so that you can simply "glance and go" without having to embarrass yourself in public like with current "stand and stare" phones.

Microsoft's marketing department isn't the best at new advertising campaigns. Every once in a while, however, they have hit home run. Is this one of those times?