According to IDC's estimates, Apple managed to outsell Acer in the US this summer, surpassing the Taiwanese manufacturer to become the third largest PC vendor. Cupertino shipped 1.99 million machines and claimed 10.6% of the market, besting Acer's 1.95 million sales and 10.3% share. Apple also experienced the largest growth of any system builder (24.1%) in the US during the third quarter.

Meanwhile, HP maintained the first and second positions, moving 4.59 and 4.35 million units with shares of 24.3% and 23.1%, respectively. Toshiba managed to nab the top five spot with 1.59 million PCs sold, 8.4% of the market, and the second-highest growth in the US (11.6%).

The spread was a bit different globally, though HP was still number one with 17.6%. Acer followed with 13%, Dell ranked just below that with 12.4%, and Lenovo placed fourth with 10.3%. Asus bagged the number five spot at 5.3%, but Toshiba trailed closely with 5.2% of the worldwide PC market.