Heads up to T-Mobile customers that consume large amounts of bandwidth: the carrier is halving its soft cap. Starting tomorrow, T-Mobile will throttle data speeds for subscribers exceeding 5GB of usage per month, which is down from the previous 10GB limit. Customers who pass the 5GB threshold will receive a T-Mobile text message notifying them of the reduced speeds.

The company says its new policy will affect less than 1% of its users, and those with throttled bandwidth can expect speeds to return to normal at the start of a new billing cycle – or until they hit the 5GB mark again, anyway. "Customers will continue to have Web browsing capabilities but at slower speeds, which will be determined by their device type," the carrier said.

We assume premium smartphones will be afforded with more bandwidth than standard freebie feature phones, but the company didn't elaborate on that last part. You can track your usage online by logging in at my.t-mobile.com and clicking "monitor use." It's also worth mentioning that T-Mobile first announced this change in April, so customers shouldn't be too surprised to see it take effect.