At its MAX conference, Adobe not only announced Air 2.5 for phones, tablets, and TVs but it also confirmed that it would be bringing Flash Player 10.1 to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, RIM's BlackBerry OS, HP's WebOS 2.0, Symbian, MeeGo, and the LiMo platform. Unfortunately, there's still no timeline for a release on each platform; Adobe is only saying that Flash 10.1 is "expected" to hit each mobile OS.

These six platforms will join Android 2.2, which has had Flash since June 2010. The current list of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 certified devices is thus not very long, but if Adobe manages to deliver on what it's promising, it should grow very rapidly. The news today also means that the iOS is the only major mobile platform that will not support the plug-in: Apple won't let it touch the iPhone, the iPod touch, or the iPad.