Apple iPhone users may have received iOS 4 yesterday, but today Android fans have something to cheer about too as well: Adobe has released the final version of Flash Player 10.1 for Google's mobile operating system. Those with smartphones running Android 2.2 (codenamed "Froyo") will be able to download the ubiquitous plug-in from Google's Android Marketplace, and over the coming months Flash 10.1 will spread to many other mobile operating systems.

In its announcement Adobe specifically mentioned Palm's WebOS, Symbian, MeeGo, Blackberry, LiMo and even Windows Phone -- though it didn't offer a specific release date for those platforms. The company supplied the necessary code to partners hoping that they'll make it available via over-the-air downloads or pre-installed on future smartphones.

Flash 10.1 includes a number of features specially designed for mobile users, including accelerometer support to automatically adjust Flash content to landscape or portrait mode, optimized power consumption to extend battery life, multi-touch compatibility, "smart rendering" so content that's not on the screen won't use up resources, and the ability to pause if the user switches to another application. Adobe also says it has worked with hardware and software makers to optimize for specific platforms.