Earlier this month, 2K Games announced that BioShock 2's downloadable content wouldn't launch on PC, citing "timing and technical issues." Naturally, that threw PC gamers into a fit of rage, because both The Protector Trails and Minerva's Den DLC are available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It seems that anger has paid off, as the developer has retracted its cancellation. "We have resumed developmentā€¦ and they will be coming to PC," said company representative Elizabeth Tobey.

Along with that fantastic news, Tobey provided an explanation on why the projects were originally axed. Apparently, the studio had a working build of the Protector Trails, but there were still unresolved bugs that "would trigger problems with the game during specific situations." 2K couldn't fix those issues in time and ultimately had to move on to "other projects," according to Tobey.

However, thanks to the (understandably) harsh community outpouring, the developer says PC gamers can expect to lay hands on The Protector Trials in December if all goes well. What's more, the content will be issued free of charge. There's no timeframe on Minerva's Den as it requires "significantly more dev time to complete." Is this good enough to get 2K out of the dog house?