Back in June we covered OCZ's unveiling of the RevoDrive, a PCI-Express SSD aimed at high-performance setups. Designed to eliminate the traditional SATA connection bottleneck and take advantage of the PCIe interface's higher transfer rates, the drive was capable of writing 540MB/sec with 75,000 IOPS. Now just four months later we have the release of the RevoDrive X2. This new version bumps performance up to 740MB/sec and 120,000 IOPS, three times the throughput of other high-end SATA based solutions according to OCZ.

Featuring an on-board RAID 0 design like it's predecessor, the X2 employs four SandForce-1200 controllers to increase data access and bandwidth. OCZ touts the drive series for being bootable, unlike other PCIe SSDs on the market which can only be used for storage purposes. This should allow for even faster start-up and load times, something already enjoyed with traditional SSDs. Capacity will range between 100GB and 960GB, but the performance comes at a price -- the previous model still retails for up to $1000 and above for the higher-storage versions.

While the idea of a PCIe-based SSD may be new to some readers, it's a concept being pushed for more standardized adoption. The "SSD Form Factor Working Group," made up of Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, IBM, and Intel, is looking to make utilizing high-performance storage easier and more cost effective. Areas the group focuses on improving include connectors compatible with SAS/SATA 3.0 and PCIe 3, a 2.5 inch form factor to ensure enclosure flexibility, increased power envelope to support higher drive performance, and hot-plug capability for easier servicing.