One Chinese website has posted a purported spec sheet for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 and another Chinese website has posted two images of the graphics card. Have the Chinese essentially leaked Nvidia's latest and greatest? The card should be announced next month, but we likely won't see it till February 2011.

According to Chiphell, the GTX 580 will feature 512 CUDA cores, most likely arranged in 16 SMs of 32 SP each. The shader clocked will be at 1544MHz while the core clock will be at 772MHz. The GTX580 also has 1536MB/384bit of GDDR5 memory, with the memory frequency set to 4008MHz, memory bandwidth up to 192.4GB/sec, and texture fill rate at 49.4billion/sec. The net result is an expected performance jump of 20 percent over the GTX 480.

Two pictures (above) of the company's forthcoming flagship product, based on the codenamed GF110 GPU, have supposedly emerged on PCinlife. It's hard to verify whether these images are legitimate, but the graphics card certainly does not look like anything that is currently available from the company or its partners. The quality of the pictures suggests that they were taken from an official presentation by the company. Two DVI-I outputs as well as an HDMI connector are visible, and the cooling system is sizeable.