Intel has slashed prices for its Solid-State Drive (SSDs) and introduced a new model into the product line. The new pricing is as follows: the X25-V 40GB for $99, the X25-M 80GB for $199 (unchanged), the X25-M 120GB for $249, and the X25-M 160GB for $415. The new X25-M offers the best dollar-per-GB value in the Intel X25-M SSD line.

Intel SSDs are available at Best Buy or Fry's Electronics in the US or online from Internet outlets such as or New systems from HP, Lenovo, and others also ship with Intel SSDs, though we doubt the prices of those will be changing because of these. To copy and clone data from a user's old HDD to a new Intel SSD, the chip giant offers a free cloning utility: Intel Data Migration Software.

"Every Christmas, consumers are looking for the latest tech gadget; this year, with prices dropping, the solid-state drive is becoming more mainstream and can make the single greatest improvement to PC performance," Troy Winslow, director of product marketing for the Intel NAND Solutions Group, said in a statement. "With an SSD, tech shoppers can give the gift of a technology makeover that will help speed up, or breathe new life, into a current PC by just swapping out the hard drive for an SSD."