Intel slashes prices for SSDs, offers new model


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Intel has slashed prices for its Solid-State Drive (SSDs) and introduced a new model into the product line. The new pricing is as follows: the X25-V 40GB for $99, the X25-M 80GB for $199 (unchanged), the X25-M 120GB for $249, and the X25-M 160GB for $415. The new X25-M offers the best dollar-per-GB value in the Intel X25-M SSD line.

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Still pretty expensive, but at least they're dropping. Hopefully, as more OEMs add SSDs in stock, the prices will drop even lower.


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Anyone know their prices before the drop? I'm wondering how much of a price drop are we looking at here.


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"X25-M 80GB for $199" I got that at that price 6 months ago. Does not look lower to me.

However prices from a large distributor that I wont name have dropped ~$20 on the 80GB.


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I don't know about those prices...

Too rich for my taste.

I know that they know that they can set the pricing of those SSDs like the regular existing hard drives. Unfortunately, they won't. Not until all their existing regular hard drive stocks are gone.

Business is business.


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Yeah - I'm thinking the amount they discounted by should be the final price. This is still way out of reach for most people.


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Discounts are nice but prices of SSDs are still too high for me. I'm sticking with mechanical hard drives for now especially now that I can buy high-performance 7200 rpm 2-TB models from WD at really reasonable prices.


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with christmas around the corner, we expect deals a lot better than this. they should be lowering down the prices since the most consumers buy in the season. it's good that the ssd is going a lot more mainstream. i hope there will be a lot more ssd produces so prices will go down a lot more. everyone should get rid of their harddisks and buy the next best thing with prices becoming more and more reasonable


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that's good news, it is the best time now to buy satas and ides, but I can't wait anymore and surely will get my first ssd over december, have heard the improvement is like upgrading to 80 GB of memory! 10 times more of what i have at the mo!!


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This is welcome news, although there is still a long way to go before SSDs are even close to affordable. Most people need 80 GBs to get Windows 7, office and a few other programs installed. Leaving room for things like the pagefile and system restore. That is $200, or $100 if you want to fit Windows 7 on 40 GBs, plus you will need another hard drive for all your media, games, programs, etc...
I think SSDs are not affordable.


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99$ is not bad but i'm not someone whose satisfied with low performance parts.
80 and 120 GB drives really need to get cheaper. (a lot cheaper)


This has got to be a bad joke. One can buy the previous ones for less money:

Looks more like they upped the prices :(


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Glad to see that prices are dropping but they are still way too high for my liking. I would rather invest in a bigger drive than an SSD. Don't they also have the problem of limited write cycles? I hope these things become more affordale in the near future...


yeah I know, just finished clubbing the last neandertal to death and then bam! a 40gb hard drive appears at the freakishly low price of $385. man I was stoked! that thing was so rad it was untrue. Truly, I lived in the Hipster generation! Back then exclamation marks were still being rationed, that's why I make such good use of them EVEN NOW!


They are getting better (cheaper) however it looks like it will be next Christmas before it get's into my price range.


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Everytime I hear about new SSD's and SSD price cuts it makes me happy. Hopefully by next spring they should be in my budget and I can include one as a boot drive in my new gaming rig :D.