Over on the official Windows Video YouTube channel, Microsoft has posted a new PC and Mac advertisement. The rather poorly chosen title, "PC & Mac take flight – Avatar & Windows 7," doesn't show it, but Microsoft is attacking Apple for not supporting Blu-ray in its computers. The video's description is a little more helpful: "See how PC & Mac stay entertained on a long flight together with the help of Blu-Ray on Windows 7 and Avatar."

While Microsoft isn't exactly blowing our minds away with its tactic to point out that Macs aren't very versatile, we do admit that the ad is actually cute and well executed. That said, we think that Microsoft should highlight one of many Windows 7 features in its ads instead, especially given the fact that Blu-ray is hardly a game changer.

The first time Microsoft attacked Apple for not having Blu-ray was way back in April 2009, though it was much more subtle. That was around the same time that Microsoft started denying rumors that the Xbox 360 would start supporting Blu-ray.

Still, even three months ago, Redmond mocked Cupertino on its Windows 7 website. "PCs running Windows 7 often come with features that either aren't available or don't come pre-installed on even the highest end Macs, including Blu-ray, eSATA, multi-format card readers, touch screens, and mobile broadband support."