Nabeel Suleiman (also known as Abdul Kareem), from Egypt, is the world's longest imprisoned blogger. After being incarcerated for over four years (1470 days to be exact), he has now been released. The news comes directly from his supporters as the Egyptian government obviously does not want to draw attention to the good news.

"Kareem Amer is now free, and he's safe in his home with his family and friends, a close friend to Kareem reports," according to the Free Kareem Blog (via ReadWriteWeb). "Kareem refused to talk to anyone at the moment, however he reassures all his supporters worldwide that he's fine. The brave man wants to have a little privacy for a week before he can say anything."

Suleiman blogged under the name Kareem Amer until he was sentenced in 2006 for what he posted on his blog; among other things, he criticized Egypt's treatment of women and its Coptic Christian minority. Suleiman's supporters report that he was tortured, beaten, attacked by other prisoners, disowned by his family, as well as had his books, letters, and personal items taken away.

Due to the political importance of his case, Amer managed to gain an international support movement that kept him in the online news throughout his time in prison. Many people thus protested, rallied, supported, donated, wrote, shared, and even tweeted for his cause.