World's first ice touchscreen virtually burns It brings a whole new meaning to freeze frame. A team at Nokia in Finland has created one of the unlikeliest computer displays yet - the world's first ice touchscreen. It is not a practical device, of course, but the screen is being seen as a step towards an era in which the surfaces around us gain computing capabilities... NewScientist

Priority access deals could result in "slow suicide" for ISPs As Ars readers know, of late there's been a huge amount of debate about the impact that priority access deals would have on the 'Net. ISPs say they've got to have this option to finance their networks. They've gone so far as to insist that they have the First Amendment right to charge content providers more for better (or not inferior) access to their subscribers. Ars Technica

The "router" in your head—a bottleneck of processing Pop quiz: What is 357 times 289? No pencils allowed. No calculators. Just use your brain. Got an answer yet? Got it now? How about now? Chances are you still don't. As you solved the problem one step at a time, you lost track of the numbers. Maybe you tried to start over, lost track again, and eventually gave up in frustration... Discover

Frontier: Replace that too fast fiber connection with DSL! It's been somewhat entertaining watching Frontier Communications lately, given they've been working overtime to downplay the fact that the vast majority of the company's customers still reside on frequently expensive, last-generation 1.5-3 Mbps DSL and dying POTs. DSLReports

Wiseguy scalpers bought tickets with CAPTCHA-busting botnet Three California men have pleaded guilty charges they built a network of CAPTCHA-solving computers that flooded online ticket vendors and snatched up the very best seats for Bruce Springsteen concerts, Broadway productions and even TV tapings of Dancing with the Stars. NetworkWorld

Apple Developing CDMA-GSM 'World iPad'? Here's an interesting bit of speculation from Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair, whose recent Qualcomm channel checks may reveal something about Apple's next-generation iPad. According to Blair, Apple is developing a "World iPad" based on one of Qualcomm's multimode CDMA-GSM chips. AllThingsD