If you're shopping for a new LCD monitor or television, you should probably take the plunge sooner rather than later. According to a new report by iSuppli, global pricing is on the rise for LCD panels 10-inches and larger diagonally. The research firm's numbers indicate that prices increased by nearly 1% on average in November.

That may seem miniscule, but iSuppli says prices were falling every month since the end of the first quarter, with a noteworthy 5% decline in July and August, so this marks the first shift into positive territory when looking at sequential changes. It's no coincidence that prices are rising as we enter the holiday season iSuppli says.

The research firm suggests that with the increased consumer demand, manufacturers are starting to stock up on panels again after keeping a trim inventory. That upsurge in purchases has prompted LCD makers plan to ramp up production from 76.8% in October to 83% in November. Fabrication rates for December are still unclear.