Radio Shack slashes iPhone prices by $50, offering iPhone 4 for $25 with 3GS trade-in In an unprecedented sale designed to boost awareness of its wireless business and create an edge up on the competition, Radio Shack is knocking $50 off all iPhone handsets and offering trade-in incentives that could net customers a brand new iPhone 4 for as little as $25. AppleInsider

Intel thinks Brazos Fusion is a good thing Our sources who obviously work with both Intel and AMD have told us a quite incredible story. The first impression of Brazos in the eyes of Intel is a good one. Intel likes it and views the Brazos platform with respect, sources who would like to remain anonymous confirmed. This is the first time ever that AMD has something that can make Intel run for its money in the mobile market. Fudzilla

Ubuntu 11.04 A.K.A Natty Narwhal alpha 1 released The Alpha 1 Release of Ubuntu 11.04, often known as "Natty Narwhal," is intended as a "developer snapshot" of the next major Ubuntu version, which is due in April. That version has already generated considerable interest and controversy in recent weeks, most notably because of Canonical's announced decision to use the 3D-enabled Unity interface in the desktop version of the application as well as the Wayland graphics method. Softview

Nvidia wants to pack more cores in tablets, smartphones Nvidia is looking to pack more CPU cores into mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as a way to improve performance while preserving battery life. Most of the mobile devices today contain single-core processors, which are not enough to handle new mobile applications such as 3D gaming and video, the company said in a whitepaper published this week. PCWorld

Japan's robot picks only the ripest strawberries (video) It takes more than a green thumb to be a great farmer, super-human vision helps as well. The Institute of Agricultural Machinery at Japan's National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, along with SI Seiko, has developed a robot that can select and harvest strawberries based on their color. Singularity Hub