Call of Duty: Black Ops has been crowned the most pirated PC game of 2010 according to TorrentFreak. Launched only last month, the title has been downloaded a whopping 4.27 million times for PC. That's more than last year's most torrented PC game, COD: Modern Warfare 2, which reached 4.1 million illegal downloads in nearly the same time span.

Battlefield 2: Bad Company 2 (released in March) is the second most pirated PC game with 3.96 million downloads, while Mafia 2 and Mass Effect 2 were torrented 3.55 and 3.24 million times. Despite setting a record for having the most data illegally downloaded (15.77PB as of last month), StarCraft II placed fifth in total PC game downloads with 3.12 million.

Dante's Inferno is this year's most torrented Xbox 360 title at 1.28 million downloads, just ahead of Alan Wake (1.14m), Red Dead Redemption (1.06m), and Halo Reach (990k). Surprisingly, Black Ops placed fifth on the 360 list, though it was downloaded practically the same number of time as MW2 last year (930,000 versus 970,000).

Meanwhile, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was downloaded 1.47 million times for the Nintendo Wii, followed by Wii Party (1.22m), Donkey Kong Country Returns (920k), Kirby's Epic Yarn (880k), and Red Steel 2 (850k). If you're curious, TorrentFreak noted that its figures are collected from several sources, including all public BitTorrent trackers.