Asus and PrimeSense, the Israeli firm behind the 3D sensing solution in Microsoft's Kinect, have partnered up to develop a motion controller for PC. The Asus-branded "Xtion" looks remarkably similar to the Xbox 360 add-on, and although it utilizes the same 3D sensing tech, it won't necessarily replace your keyboard and mouse for gaming. Instead, the Xtion is mostly intended for browsing the web, accessing social networks, and navigating multimedia content when your PC is hooked up to the TV.

The Xtion camera will be sold along with a pair of "Wavi" boxes (jointly branded the "Wavi Xtion") that stream data wirelessly between your TV and PC. As Engadget explains, the Xtion will sit on your TV and connect to one Wavi device, while the other Wavi is attached to your PC up to 25 meters away.

Along with the hardware, Asus plans to launch a development package in February called Xtion Pro that will allow software developers to create their own gesture-based software. There's also talk of an app store. That's not a bad idea considering the growing community of Kinect hackers.