Social news website Reddit has released some very interesting statistics for the year 2010. Most notably, the number of pageviews more than tripled from January 2010 to December 2010.

Statistic January 2010 December 2010
Pageviews 250 million 829 million
Average time per visit 12 minutes 41 seconds 15 minutes 21 seconds
Bytes in 2.8 trillion 8.1 trillion
Bytes out 10.1 trillion 44.4 trillion
Number of servers 50 119
Memory (ram) 424GB 1214GB
Memory (disks) 16TB 48TB
Engineers 4 4
Search Sucked Works

Reddit's growth can be largely attributed to the fact that its competitor Digg, has pretty much fallen apart. The website's v4 redesign annoyed the majority of Digg's users and a huge number decided to leave for good. Reddit has frequently struggled with being portrayed as Digg's much smaller and less significant cousin.

If 2010 is anything to go by, Reddit will become king before long, assuming this story gets picked up by the broader public media, which frequently covered Digg's rapid growth.