BitTorrent has announced that the BitTorrent Mainline client and µTorrent have now crossed the 100 million monthly user milestone. On an average day, 20 million users from over 220 countries use either of the two BitTorrent clients, available in 52 languages, and 400,000 new clients are downloaded every day.

An unknown percentage of users making these new downloads also choose to install the toolbar, which brings in millions of dollars in revenue every year. The BitTorrent company mainly relies on the toolbar revenue to pay its employees.

The company BitTorrent was founded in 2004 and currently has 37 employees. µTorrent for Windows was first released in September 2005 and soon became the most widely used BitTorrent application. BitTorrent bought the minimalistic client in December 2006. In the years that followed, the original BitTorrent mainline client was gradually transformed into a rebranded version of µTorrent.

"This is an exciting day for our team," Eric Klinker, BitTorrent CEO, said in a statement. "Our vision is to build a complete technology ecosystem comprised of software, content and devices, designed to connect modern content creators with a massive digital audience. This milestone highlights the size of our user base and the power of our software."