Skype set a new record yesterday: 27 million simultaneous active users. The news was announced via Twitter: "New record: 27 million people online on Skype right now!"

If you head to the Skype homepage, you'll see that the service tends to have about 25 million users online on average. You may see a different number when you head there, but the alt text for the image clearly says "25 million people are on Skype." It was only two months ago that Skype passed the 25 million mark; the service has experienced phenomenal growth recently.

It's rather interesting that this record was set yesterday, which wasn't a holiday or anything of the sort. In fact, it was a typical Monday, as far as we can tell!

Skype has started off 2011 on the right foot: the company debuted group video calling, announced plans to acquire mobile live video streaming company Qik, and saw statistics released that showed how well it was dominating international calls. Last month, Skype experienced a global outage, and decided to offer its users compensation.

It looks like last month's issue did little to slow the company's growth. In fact, we would say the service is bouncing back rather quickly.