We're not sure how common peripheral theft is, but if you lose sleep over the thought of someone swiping your pricey gaming mouse, NZXT has a solution. The company has launched a new contraption called the "Bunker" that secures external PC devices, such as your keyboard, mouse, and headphones.

The Bunker occupies an unused 5.25-inch drive bay and has four USB ports (presumably 2.0) directly behind the front grill. The idea is pretty simple: you plug your peripherals into those ports and feed the wires through the small gap below the grill, which is locked into place. The routing gap is too small for USB connectors to fit through, so a thief will have to cut the wires if they want to lift your gear.

This is obviously less of a concern if your desktop never leaves home (unless you have shady roommates) but NZXT thinks the Bunker could offer peace of mind when attending LAN parties and other public venues. The device's MSRP is set at $24.99 and units should begin shipping in March.