Microsoft will announce official Kinect support for PC in the coming months, and will allow third-party developers to create titles that utilize the sensor when plugged into a PC. Microsoft is currently preparing an official Kinect SDK and driver support for Windows PCs, which may be part of an upcoming Community Technical Preview of the company's XNA Game Studio tools, according to sources familiar with the plans cited by WinRumors.

When the Kinect was first released, and hackers immediately started testing what the hardware could do when plugged into anything but an Xbox, Redmond was not amused. After a few weeks though, Microsoft realized that the Kinect hacking community was a good thing and announced that it would not try to stop those who bought the Xbox accessory and used it for more than just basic gaming.

Rumors sprang up that the Kinect was coming to the PC, at least via unofficial channels. Earlier this month, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hinted that the software giant would support the Kinect on PCs "in the right time." That time is apparently sooner rather than later.

The Kinect has sold exceptionally well so far. Microsoft sold over 8 million units in the first 60 days of availability. The company originally hoped to sell 5 million units by the end of 2010, but sales surpassed that expectation rather formidably.