Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is apparently very critical of app stores. Speaking at an event in Bristol, England, Wales explained why he believes the app store model is a more immediate threat to Internet freedom than breaches of net neutrality.

Wales was quick to stress that he was speaking in a purely personal capacity before saying that systems like the iTunes App Store or the Android Market can act as a "chokepoint that is very dangerous." Furthermore, he said it was time to ask if the model was "a threat to a diverse and open ecosystem" and made the argument that "we own [a] device, and we should control it," according to Tech.Blorge. The Wikipedia chief's statements were similar to many open-access device users, including those who are interested in jailbreaking their device.

Wales also discussed the concerns over net neutrality, but argued that many were hypothetical, didn't pose an immediate danger, were "highly overblown," and centered on fears about what might happen rather than what is happening. Instead, he believes that users should be more concerned over app stores. Do you agree?