Wikipedia co-founder: app stores are a dangerous chokepoint

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Jan 17, 2011
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  1. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is apparently very critical of app stores. Speaking at an event in Bristol, England, Wales explained why he believes the app store model is a more immediate threat to Internet freedom than breaches of net neutrality.

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  2. App stores pose a genuine concern but as long as we have consumer choice I think things will be fine. I also agree that the concerns of Net Neutrality advocates are highly overblown and hypothetical and do not pose an immediate danger. Also I believe that government regulation of the Internet, which Net Neutrality advocates proselytize, also poses real dangers to Internet freedom.
  3. gwailo247

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    The app stores are not dangerous in and of themselves, but by the impression fostered by the people that run them that software outside of the app store is somehow dangerous and unsafe.

    People that post on this web site are not his concerns, but our parents and grandparents, and those who will grow up inside those walled gardens.

    "My mom told me never to install any software outside of iTunes cause it will probably be loaded with a GPS trojan, and a bad man will come and kidnap me if I do."
  4. The concept for app stores is a great idea, it is just poorly implemented. The app store concepts protect people from themselves. Which those of us who have to fix their computers know what i am talking about.

    Where the concept is wrong the manufactuers should have a download on their web sites for tech people to unlock their hardware from the website. Don't make it easy for the average user to find and warn those that do the dangers of getting their apps outside of the app store.

    This would be a win situation for all users. I myself will never buy a devise that locks down what software I can run.
  5. Archean

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    Consumer choice is being dictated by whatever the AppStore controller feels about a particular application, they can place whatever rules they want others to follow etc. hence, limiting overall choice. For example, by default Non App. Store applications can't be installed on my Galaxy, which I thought was the single most stupidest thing I've noticed about Android.
  6. App Stores in themselfs are OK, the real issue is are they a monopoly? Can you get an app for your device from another source or are you locked in? If you could use different stores this would not be a problem. Otherwise it's like only being able to buy from Best Buy, instead of having the opportunity to buy from NewEgg.
  7. mccartercar

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    No gadget, no problem.
    Oh god, how in the world did we ever put one foot in front of the other before there were apps to tell us how. My phone is a phone, pc a pc, and console a console. If I ever get busy enough to need all three at once everywhere I go, then I'll worry about APPLICATION stores... Yea, cause that's what they were called before they
  8. Once more in English please.

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