Verizon and AT&T are waging a marketing war over the iPhone 4. Both are trying to get new customers, of course, but the former is trying to woo over iPhone customers from the latter, and the latter is telling its customers why switching is not a good idea.

While this is all going on, Apple has reportedly released a new advertisement that promotes the iPhone 4 on both Verizon and AT&T. We say "reportedly" because the ad has not yet appeared on Apple's official YouTube channel, but that hasn't stopped the commercial from making its way onto the video sharing site anyway:

The ad shows two iPhones viewing a photo, browsing to a news website, downloading an app from the App Store, updating a Facebook status, reading a book, playing a game, and using FaceTime. The iPhones are edited to be in sync with each other. Even though the events on both phones are identical, the content is slightly different to show that two different owners are using them. The ad ends by showing the two carrier logos and finishes off with the text "Two is better than one."

It makes sense for Apple to promote the fact that the iPhone 4 will be on two carriers in the US next month. Still, Apple isn't going to stop Verizon and AT&T from fighting their own war over the phone; after all, it only further promotes Apple's device.