Here’s an impressive case mod that could give Thermaltake’s modular Level 10 chassis a run for its money. Designed and produced by DARWINmachine, which is essentially a one-man operation run by a self-described architect and race-car designer, the Hammerhead HMR989 takes an unconventional approach to computer design by putting the guts of the machine on the outside for everyone to see – and it’s certainly a sight behold.

The case is made from brushed, anodized aluminum and Eco resin panels, combined with bright blue LED lights, an open-air cooling system that includes the Thermaltake SpinQ CPU cooler and a downwards oriented I/O panel for a clean look. Each case is made to order by DARWINmachine's Matthew Kim and will vary in finish and color.

Unfortunately Kim is not just selling the case by itself, which can be a deal breaker for the enthusiast audience he targets – especially since the Hammerhead isn’t equipped with the highest-end parts that you might expect on a system that’s selling for $2,899. These include an Intel Core i7-860 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 40GB SSD and 640GB hard drive, plus an extra hot-swap tray for a second drive, a Kingston 750W modular power supply, and GeForce GTX 460 graphics. You also get the aforementioned Thermaltake SpinQ CPU cooler, a DVD drive and Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium.

On the other hand, it’s a unique piece of craftsmanship and it’s creator claims the Hammerhead’s aluminum chassis is designed to last as new components can be easily upgraded over time. Machines are hand-assembled one-at-a-time by Kim and the whole process takes around two weeks. You can check out more images over at Darwin Machine.