Although some enthusiasts are willing to splurge on extravagant computer cases, many shun the notion of spending $200+ on a glorified metal box. That's understandable with when you compare the features of products such as Cooler Master's $60 HAF 912 and $200 HAF X. Both offer the same core functionality: a home for your components.

Expensive cases typically have superior cable management, stock cooling and accessibility, but budget chassis owners aren't missing out on much. Cables can be hidden with some imagination and zip ties, fans can be upgraded if necessary, and unless you swap hardware frequently, fancy tool-less mechanisms won't be saving you much time.

The difference between a $60 and $200 chassis often amounts to some extra space, aesthetics such as interior paint, and a simplified installation process. Our question is: are those features worth a price premium to you? How much did you pay for your current case? To get us rolling, I'm using the dated Thermaltake Tai-Chi and Julio has the HAF 932.