It took a couple of weeks more than originally expected but OnLive's all-you-can-eat PlayPack plan has just moved out of beta and is now available to anyone for a monthly fee of $10. The pioneer of on-demand instant-play video games first announced the move in December and is hoping to disrupt the gaming market as it exists today, much in the way Netflix disrupted DVD rentals and sales when it offered monthly subscriptions for its catalog of movies.

There are 38 games in the current line-up for PlayPack, though more will be added on a regular basis according to the official site. They are different from the stand-alone game offerings, which tend to be newer and more popular titles, but still include some noteworthy games such as F.E.A.R. 2, the original Bioshock, and the indie hit World of Goo.

First time members will get the initial month for free, and like all OnLive titles, PlayPack games play instantly on TVs, via the $99 MicroConsole system, or on a PC or Mac via a small browser download. Access via Android tablets, smartphones and Blu-ray players will reportedly be available soon. OnLive will continue to offer its current free trials, three- and five-day rentals, and Full PlayPass options for à la carte new-release games in addition to the new flat-rate plan.