Jonney Shih, chairman of Asustek Computer, pushed his engineering teams to design something new, when he noticed the world was becoming more interested in mobile computing. The result was the netbook (Asus' Eee PC line), a new laptop form factor with extended battery life that sold very well. Now tablets are set to take on the mobile computing market, and Shih says his company will have something to fight the Apple iPad 2, according to an interview with ComputerWorld:

Asustek launched four new tablets at the International CES in Las Vegas this year, yet everyone expects Apple to launch the iPad 2 at any time. What does the new iPad mean for all the tablets coming out now? Won't it make them obsolete?

Well, we already know some of the details of that device, such as what kind of processor they chose... We very carefully chose our tablet processor, the Nvidia Tegra 2, and to really compete it will take [Apple] some time. You know, [Nvidia] is well known for graphics. Also, we will try to provide a "secret weapon," something we have not shown at this time but closer to the launch time we will show.

Is the secret weapon a component or a new tablet?

I think it's best not to say now. You will have to wait until the launch.

Asus has shown time and again that it is capable of innovating when it comes to new markets. What do you think the company has under its sleeve?