OK, I could not resist this one, what with it being a wacky Saturday, and all that! ;) Here's a lovely story I found here, which tells of...

...A "German priest [who] has found a way to brew beer in his washing machine. Michael Fey, of Duisburg, built a computer interface into the machine to let it run an automatic brewing program."

"A priest without alcohol, that's the wrong combination," he said. "Jesus didn't say, take this healthy camomile tea, he offered wine."

Somehow, methinks that the Lord Jesus didn't say anything specific about using a washing machine to aid in the process of this, but what's even more interesting is that he (the Priest, not Jesus....) has a laptop hooked up to the whole thing, with some kind of computer program running everything.

HAHAHA! Its the washing-machine-beer-creating-mod!

More here, and on the cool Priest's web site, here.