Stunning Crysis 2 video: First 25 minutes leaked A video of the first 25 minutes of gameplay from Crytek's Crysis 2 has snuck out - after an early build of the game leaked onto torrent sites yesterday. The quality of the footage (particularly, we're guessing, the voiceovers) isn't representative of the final polished game. But that doesn't mean it isn't drop dead gorgeous. CVG

Industry vet: The $50 million video game must go The time has come for developers to slash and burn the budgets of multimillion-dollar games, an industry vet says. Mark Cerny, who has worked on everything from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to MLB 08: The Show, spoke yesterday at the Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain (DICE) Summit in Las Vegas. CNET shutting Irving office over tax dispute As a result of an ongoing tax dispute with Texas, has decided to take its ball and go home. The online retailer said Thursday that it would shutter its Irving distribution facility April 12 and cancel plans to hire as many as 1,000 additional workers rather than pay Texas what the state says is owed in uncollected sales tax. Dallas News

Anonymous claims possession of insidious Stuxnet virus Houston, we have a problem. Or should I say, "Iran, we have your problem?" Last night, a member of hacker group Anonymous - a devious 4chan-spawned Internet coalition known for increasingly serious web-based attacks - announced on Twitter that the group was in possession of the Stuxnet virus. Forbes

YouTube and the major film studios In the course of writing lists or features, it's frequently occurred to myself and other writers to upload a clip from a movie to YouTube, by way of illustrating a point - and embedding it in the article. How often this goes through smoothly and how often it doesn't has become quite interesting in the last few years. Shadowlocked

Software association paid $57K in 2010 to piracy whistleblowers In 2010, the Software and Information Industry Association received 157 reports of alleged corporate end user software piracy. Of the 157 reports, 42 (or 27%) were judged sufficiently reliable to pursue. Of these 16 qualified for rewards totaling $57,500. Network World

Duke Nukem Forever: Official Steve Gibson Interview YouTube