Weekend tech reading: First 25 minutes of Crysis 2 hits YouTube


TS Evangelist
Stunning Crysis 2 video: First 25 minutes leaked A video of the first 25 minutes of gameplay from Crytek's Crysis 2 has snuck out - after an early build of the game leaked onto torrent sites yesterday. The quality of the footage (particularly, we're guessing, the voiceovers) isn't representative of the final polished game. But that doesn't mean it isn't drop dead gorgeous. CVG

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TS Maniac
I've played and enjoyed it thus far.

When the game hits retail, I'll be buying it.

The DX9, 32-bit version floating around torrent sites is a great peak into whats in store.

Crysis is one franchise I'll never have a problem buying, because it has yet to leave me impressed.

If you can hit up the torrent, do it, but other than the gameplay, it probably is nothing like it will be.