Microsoft has started rolling out the first update for Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately for early buyers, this is not the long-awaited copy-and-paste update but rather an update for Windows Phone 7's update mechanism itself, which will pave the way "for all future goodie-filled updates to your phone, such as copy and paste or improved Marketplace search."

The software update that will bring those new features along other performance improvements is schedule to arrive in early March, with a much larger update, codenamed Mango, set to arrive a few months later adding things like multitasking support for third-party applications and improved browsing through IE9.

Microsoft will be pushing out this minor update gradually over the coming days. It will not be available over-the-air; instead users will receive a message letting them know when it is available to them, after which they will need to connect their phones to their PCs or Macs and download it via the respective client software. A backup will be made prior installation. Microsoft also published an update history page to help users keep track of changes and new features.